OcLaunch: Launch one by one

Launch one by one

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What is it?

OcLaunch: /oklɔːntʃ/
Command-line tool allowing you to launch program on a human basis. Don’t let a clock plan things!
Since it’s a command-line software, you can use it almost everything, from GUI to CRON task.

For example, here is a typical session (you open a terminal emulator between each item, which call the OcLaunch tool):

  • You open your first terminal, your chat client is opened,
  • On second launch of a terminal, your task list is displayed,
  • On third launch, everything has been done. You will not see anything more and the command-line program runs blazing fast on each start of terminal, which lets you focus on your main work. You can use it to call one of the item, to redisplay your task for instance.


You enjoyed the many benefits of OcLaunch:

  • Ability to launch command-line program easily on start up
  • See your task being done alone
  • Easiness of edit, disablement and review.


You can review the list of ideas to get more of OcLaunch.